Now, who are you?

We are a group of enthusiast and very kind engineering students who are devoted to develop other students and ourselves.

To accomplish our objective we have been organizing events for over 16 years of history as BEST Local Group, and setting more ambisious goals year after year.

For internal organization, we have 2 main bodies which overview the local group, one the one side the board, which develops executive tasks in representation of the whole organization. On the other side we find the management, which overviews our 4 main working groups: Public relations (PR), Corporate relations (CR), Information technologies (IT) and Grants (GR).

XVII Directive Board

Management 2021-2022

Management 21-22

Last but not least,

This could just be a pet, but it is even more

This is the cutest cat. And it's ours.



You will fall in love with him as he guides you through this wonderful journey

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